Rapier Weaving Machine For Electronic Jacquard

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Rapier Loom With Dobby

Rapier Weaving Machine For Electronic Jacquard
Techical Specification  
Reed Width (cms) 160, 168, 178, 183, 305
Speed RPM 180 - 270 (speed as per width)
Take Up T wheel / servo drive
Weft Insertion Speed (mpm) Above 380 mpm. ATUFS APPROVED
Weft Selection 8 colour Jacquard lift / 8 colour electronic selector (optional)
Stop Control Warp Brake, Weft Brake, Over Tension.
Let - Off Semi Positive Controlled By Feeler Roller / servo drive
Weft Selector 6 Colour Weft Selection By Jacquard.
Lubrication Centrral Lubrication
Jacquard Electronic Lifebond 640, 960, 1344, 1408, 2688, 5376
Jacquard Transmission Synchronous Chain Drive / Shaft Drive / Belt Drive
Carben Fibre With Spring / Spandox Pull Down, Junction Covered By.
Power 1.5kw to 5.5kw as per width & Type of Jacquards.
Warp Beam Flange Beam Pipe
Fabric Storage UP to 400mm Dia.
Selvage Leno Type With Bobbin Stand / Tuck in Device
Selvage Cutter Thermal (Mechanical Optical)
Temple Ring Type Cylinder With Pin
Due to Continuous Development Program, We Reserve Our Right To Change Specifications, Dimensions Or Description Without Prior Notice.