Semi Auto Shuttle Loom

LIFEBOND Semi Automatic Under Pick Shuttle Loom is designed and manufactured with simple and convinent mechanisim. Due to its strudy structure and machining accuracy, hence maintenance cost minimized, Sley is made of seasoned teak wood. The machine is suitable for weaving of pure silk, rayon, cotton, polyester and synthetic fabrics.

Reed Space
Cm 90 115 140 152 165 170 185
in 35 45 55 60 65 67 72
Shuttle Size 390 x 41 x 31
Shuttle Box 1X1, 2X1, 4X1. 2X2, 4X4
Driving Motor Drive 0.37 Kw x 700 rpm/(Optional) Electronic Brake Motor 0.75 Kw.
Picking Loose Type Center Picking System.
Shedding Tappet, Dobby and Jacquard Shedding
Letting-Off Attached, "L" Type, "K" Type or Separate Letting off Positive Type with Automatic Uniform Tension Device and Easing Motion
Take Up Indirect and Intermittent Pickles Take-Up Mechanism
Weft Stopping Side Weft Fork/Optical Electronic weft Feeler (Optional)
Lubrication Centralized Lubricating Sytem (Optional)
Revolution 130 - 160


  • The Loom is designed and manufactured with Simple and Convenient mechanism, Hence no Skilled Technicians are required for the Operation and Maintenance of the Machine.
  • No Vibration on the Machine due to its Sturdy Structure and Machining Accuracy hence Maintenance Cost Minimized.
  • Slay is Made of Special Seasoned Teak Wood.
  • The Machine is Suitable for Weaving Fine Fabrics to Heavy Fabrics in Synthetic, Silk, rayon and Cotton/Polyester Blended yarns.
  • Letting-off Device Designed to Maintain Uniform Tension Regardless of the warp Amount in the Beam.
  • Our Complete After Sales Service is a Great Satisfaction to our Customers.