Rapier Weaving Machine

Reed Width 160, 168, 178, 183, 305
Cloth Suitable for,for Fine, Medium & Heavy Fabrics From cotton,Polyester, Silk, Wool. Acrylic, Rayons, Nylon and Fancy Yarns.
Weft Insertion Speed Above 380 mpm. ATUFS APPROVED
Weft Selection 1x1, 2x2 (mechanical).
Shed Formation Tappet Shedding
Beam Flanged Beam Upto 17" Dia.
Fabric Storage 400mm Diameter
Weft Stop Motion Piezo electric
Warp Detection Dropper Type 6 rows
Selvage Magnetic Leno With Bobbin Stand.
Selvage Cutter Thermal (mechanical Optional).
Temple Ring Type Cylinder with Pin.
Let-off Semi Positive Let-off System Controlled by Feeler Roller / Servo Drive
Take up Adjusted According to weft Density of the Cloth by Pick Wheels / Servo Drive
Driving Electric motor (changed According to Width of Machine - 1kw to 3.7kw)
Weft Feeder Bobbin Stand Through Weft Accumulators.
Lubrication Grease Pump