Rapier Tappet Shedding Loom

The LIFEBOND Rapier loom has been designed with a very solid structure which permits to weave without vibration at high speeds. The machine has a capacity to weave light as well as medium to heavy to fabrics. The machine is Powered by a 2 H.P. 3-phase electric motor combined with Electro Magnetic Brake.

Working Width 1500~3200mm (60''~95'')
Weft Insertion Upto 400 Mts/Min by left and Right Flexible Rapier Band &Head.
Cloth Suitable for,for Fine, Medium & Heavy Fabrics From cotton,Polyester, Silk, Wool. Acrylic, Rayons, Nylon and Fancy Yarns.
Weft Selection 6 Colour Pick and Pick with Programmable Microprocessor Based weft Presenter/ Mechanically Possible by Dobby and Jacquard.
Shed Formation Tappet, Cam Dobby, Jacquard.
Beam Flanged Beam Upto 24'' Diameter.
Fabric Storage 400mm Dia.
Weft Stop Motion Electronic 6 Hole Weft Slide Sensor.
Warp Detection Optical /optional Dropper Pin Type with 6 rows.
Selvage Magnetic Leno With Bobbin Stand.
Selvage Cutter Thermal (mechanical Optional).
Temple Ring Type Cylinder with Pin.
Take up Adjusted According to weft Density of the Cloth by Pick Wheels.
Driving Electric Motor (Changed According to Width of Machine 0.9 kw - 2.33kw).
Weft Feeder Bobbin Stand Through Weft Accumulators.
Lubrication Centralized Lubrication by Oil Pump.