High Speed Rapier Loom with Electronic Jacquard Machine (450 RPM)

Model SBT600TJ
Speed TYPE 130 600 mm (max), TYPE 170 480mm (max)
Working Width TYPE 13 1260mm (max), Repeats: 6 repeats for taffeta (1repeats=2cm).
TYPE 170 1680mm (max), Repeats 8 repeats for taffeta (1 repeats=2cm).
Control system By PLC and touchpanel display Dedicated electrical control system for label machine.
Weft selector 8 colors
Weft selecting system New machinery's controlled by jacquard 8 colors
Warp beam Diameter of 800mm.
Cloth take up Diameter of 450mm (max).
Power 6.5 kw for main motor.
Weight Approx. 380 kg
Machine Dimension TYPE130 4500 (L) mm X1900 mm (W) X 3900 mm (H)

TYPE170 4500 (L) mm X1900 mm (W) X 4100 mm (H)
Jacquard Model SEJ1608
Hooks 1152 hooks
Lubrication Oil-immersed
Power 0.8kw (max)
Weight about 800kg
Harness Carbon fibre with spring pull down, Junction is covered by plastic sheaths.
Thermal Cutting Constant current cutting knife. Temperature hoisting a knife rapidly,Brand cutting effect is extremely nice. Wit transformer supplying electricity safely.
Heat-setting A molding aluminium alloy calibrator. PID changes the temperature
Electricity consume Capacities are are12kw, Working need 10kw/hour
Machine testing Machine has been testing before ex-factory with warp yarn on beam.