Cam Type Rapier Loom

Machine Type Cam Type flexible Tape Rapier Weaving Machine
Nominal Width 1500-1600-1900-2300.
Performance Up to 325 Picks Per Minute. Up to 520 m/ min/of Weft Inserted
Weft Insertion Speed (mpm) Above 380 mpm. ATUFS APPROVED
Fabrics Produced Fabrics with Natural, Artificial, Synthetic & Blended Yarns.
Weft Color Selector 6 or 8color Jacquard Lift Selector, Electronic.
Weft Feeder Electronic Weft Feeder.
Weft Insertion Rapier Mounted on Flexible Tapes, Guided by Hooks.
Tape Drive Via Positive Device Wheels Driven by a Coupled cam unit Mechanism.
Sley Driven by Positive Coupled Cam Units.
Picks Per cm Standard Setting from 4 to 84 Picks/cm.
Weft Density From 5to 150 Picks /cm.
Warp Let-off Motorised Positive Let-off with Electronic Control, with Fabric Regulator.
Shed Mechnism With Cam (Max. 12 Frames).
With Electronic Rotary Dobby 20 Shaft.
Electronic Jacquard with Universal joint Device.
Selvedges Leno with 2or 4 Binding Threads.
Heat-Sealed for Synthetic Yarns.
Lateral and Central Tuck-In Devices.
Weft Control High Sensitivity Piezo-Electric Detector with Double weft Control.
Warp Control Electric Warp Stop Motions with 6 to 8 Rows
Cloth Roll Quick Release Take up Roller up to 550mm in Diameter.
Lubrication Central Lubrication, Let-off Device and Fabric Regulator in Oil Bath.
Waste Device Mechanical Waste Selvedge drawing Device with Waste Disposal.
Main Drive Rated 3.5kw Three-Phase Motor.
Machine Control

By means of the Microprocessor- Control, Which device and controls all Mechanical Functions.