WT9100 High Speed Air Jet Loom

Item Technical Speciification  
Reed Space Nominal: 190, 210, 230, 250, 280, 340, 360cm -
Useful Range: Reduction from nominal 0~60cm (190-250cm): 0~80cm(280~360cm) -
Yarn Range Spun Ne100 ~ Ne2.2 -
Filament: 56 dtex ~ 1350 dtex -
Weft Selection 2-color, 4-color, 6-color 8-color
Drive Direct drive main motor
Magnetic brake control postion stop directly
Programmable start, in-built inverter, can change speed during weaving.
2.2KW (Crank shedding) 3.0KW (Cam Shedding), 3.7KW (Dobby Shedding), 5.5KW ~ 7.5KW(Jacquard Shedding)
Push button operated by both hands
Weft Accumulator Electronic FDP weft accumulator ABS control, air ballon breaker.
Weft Insertion Main nozzle and sub nozzle combined system Stretch nozzle.
Independent timimg auxiliary nozzle.
Automatic insertion control, 1st pick control.
High frequency energy saving double nozzle valve
Auxiliary nozzle control colors separately
Shedding Crank shedding: 4 shafts Manual leveling (Positive cam)
Negative cam shedding: 8 shafts max
Positive cam shedding: 10 shafts max
Dobby shedding: 16 shafts max
Jacquard Shedding
Let Off Electronic let-off by servo motor Up & Down Beam.
Twin Beam.
Flange Φ914mm, Φ1000mm
Double roller electronic let-off with automaticreverse function
Flange diameter Φ800mm
Take-Up Electronic take-up by servo motor Batching motion 720mm
Pick Density: Standard 15 ~ 300 picks
Max take-up diameter: Φ600mm (cam, dobby Jacquard Shedding), Φ520mm (crank shedding )
Weaving length counting display (m, yd, pick)
Beating Crank type beating, multiple sley sword beating -
4 Link (narrow width) 6 Links(Wide Width) -
Bobbin Frame Floor type 4 bobbins (For 2-color), Floor type: 8 Bobbins (For 4-color)m Floor type 10 bobbins (For 6-color) -
Selvage Planetary gear leno selvage Electronic planetary gear leno.
4 Link (narrow width) 6 Links(Wide Width) Center leno device
Waste Selvage 2 rollers take-up; gear take up -
Weft Cutter Mechanical Weft cutter Electronic Cutter
Lubrication Oil bathsystem for main driving parts, centralize lubrication system (Manual grease) Automatic centralize lubrication system.
Auto - Stop Motion Weft: Photoelectric double weft sensor Bobbin yarn break sensor
Warp: Electronic 6 row contact bar system Warp Break indicate by row, by LH & RH side
Others: Automatic stop for leno yarn and waste salvage yarn break. Anti-Hand beating sensor
Stop reason Indication: Indication on control panel and 4 color indication lamp.
Control & Automatic Control: Multiple function computer control system with data setting / control / monitor / self-diagnose / artificial intelligence interface. AFC, AJC. Centralized networked monitor system.
Pick finding: Automatic pick finding
Slom Motion (Forward and reverse) by inverter
Others: Monitor output terminal
Memory card system
Jet automatic control